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On Friday 13th January 2017, the Department for Transport announced a new innovative trial with Thurrock Council and York Council and private sector SMEs, Gaist and SOENECS, which could revolutionise the way potholes are identified and managed.  A pothole-spotter system, mounted to refuse collection vehicles, comprising of high-definition cameras, integrated navigation system and intelligent software, will be deployed to identify road surface problems before they become potholes.

The trial is aimed at significantly improving road safety by revolutionising the way potholes are identified and managed. The use of high definition remote monitoring to allow for accurate and more frequent surveying of the local road network will be explored.  The trial will provide an opportunity to investigate and understand the deterioration of the local road network over a much shorter time-frame and is also expected to identify wider efficiencies for how councils manage their highways maintenance service.

 “Pothole-Spotter is a combination of advanced and well tested technologies as well as advanced data analytics techniques that will help to identify existing potholes and developing problems.” Andrew Jones MP,
Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Transport

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