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​Energy Stewardship Programme (ESP)

The Diocese of Chichester set up the Energy Stewardship Programme in 2015 to allow parishes to deliver mission in the most environmentally, economically and social ways.  The Programme's vision is for each parish in the diocese to be self-sustaining and where possible to create and provide energy to the wider community. SOENECS are working with the Diocese of Chichester to deliver this programme.

The main objective is to improve the community utilisation of church owned buildings and infrastructure. Currently many church buildings are not energy efficient and lack facilities such as toilets for wider community use.


  • Identify cumulative energy cost savings across the diocese
  • Increase scope for potential stewardship through addressing fuel poverty
  • Identify potential for the parishes to generate renewable energy
  • Identify ways of increasing the resilience of parishes to energy spikes
  • Explore opportunities for grants, funding and partnerships
  • Provide Heat, Light, Sanitation and Access

The Energy Opportunity Assessment (EOA)

The Energy Opportunity Assessment is an on-site assessment that considers the following:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Energy generation
  • Insulation
  • Key milestones' assessment
  • Local knowledge about possible opportunities

As part of the EOA, a summary report is produced identifying no cost or low cost measures that could be introduced quickly, potential areas for medium to high cost measures that require further investigation and/or feasibility studies and issues relating to energy policy and monitoring.  For more information please contact